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Fragged nation
Admin eliteofelite 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Jul 2012
Hey guys, we are now signed up on . For those of you who havent heard of them its kind of like MLG. We can create and also join tournaments and matches. I'd like to ask ever to join fragged nation and our clan because, the sooner we all get signed up the sooner we can start getting some matches going. Also if you have signed up with us on fragged nation, you not be able to play in any thing scheduled with them because, this will show the roster of who will be attending. This is new to me as well as all of you so you may have to just explore a little but, if you run into any trouble be sure and post it our forums page so that we can figure it out and prevent the problem later for everyone else who joins. Also would like to ask everyone put EoE in front of there username for example, mine is EoEchad. When you make your account and send me a friend invite. From there you will recieve a invite from me to join the clan.

1st Aug 2012 Admin eliteofelite
sure do lol, i sent you an invite to join the clan and team on there.
1st Aug 2012 EoE KernelSkowronski
Indeed. A 12vs12 would solidify our name if we won a good one. Like my name on there? Lol ;)
30th Jul 2012 EoE roadrunner1232
hopefully we can get some squad rush matches in to get our name out there until we get enough dedicated members for 12v12
30th Jul 2012 EoE KernelSkowronski
Kool stuff ill try to sign up on my phone youll love my name :)
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