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F2000 scarh on ea
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Joined: 11th Jul 2012
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23rd Jul 2012

I just posted a topic and emailed feedback to ea to patch the dc's and the f2000 and scarh like i said iwould go support it!!!!! Theres actually a lot of ppl wanting the same thing. Found a couple posts just like mine. https://getsatisfaction.c ... night_gets_old?rfm=1

Come on meatball get some a this right here boy! All fake meatball, all fake!!! Hows my knife taste in your throat, that knife in your throat was for killing my friend!!!

Joined: 10th Jul 2012
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23rd Jul 2012

im with you on the scarh because with its rate of fire it should never beat an m16 or aek in cq and i find that does. F2000 has a high rate of fire which means in cq it is tough go up against just like the famas. Anyone who are accurate with those guns are deadly but, they have a downside, every bullet has to count and you'll find yourself reloading frequently.

Joined: 17th Jul 2012
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24th Jul 2012

yeah that is defly true, f200 great gun but you reload so much that you lose out on a lot of kills


Forum » Discussion Forum » Gaming
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