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Battlefield tips?
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19th Jul 2012

I'd like to post a few quick tips that you may not know.
-Are RPGs worth using since we have the javelin? Actually yes, when I play as engineer 99.9% of the time I have RPGs. The reason is, with one shot to the back of a tank you will disable it. It is possible to 2 or 3 shot and destroy a tank depending if the tank has reactive armor.If you can not get behind him to get a shot, providing that you have help hit the side on a 90 degree angle. This will not deal as much damage as the back but, it will do enough to get him moving so that you maybe able to get a shot at the back. Be patient and plan your shots because, once you hit him the first time you will be his main concern and he will be looking for you. So get behind him and take him down.

Gun attachments: Alot of people do not know how each attachment effects you gun so I'm gonna post a few things about attachments and try to help you get the most out your gun of choice.
Heavy barrel- This will help your accuracy at medium-long range but, will suffer a bit when firing at the hip. Alot use this with a foregrip but, I dont not reccomend it because forgrip will just counter the effect of heavy barrel making your accuracy go down. Heavy barrel adds alot of recoil but, you can learn to manage that recoil and use 4-7 round bursts depending on the gun. I always use heavy barrel/underslung.
Foregrip- Foregrip helps with close quarters engagements. It great reduces side to side recoil. Foregrip goes really well with laser site attachment so that you are more accurate with aimed fire and firing from the hip. I do not reccommend this for medium/long range engagements.
Flash suppressor Flash suppressor is useful but, for me I would not choice it over heavy barrel. It will reduce recoil but, doesnt improve accuracy. The only time I use this is when the heavy barrel isnt available. It does hide flash but, you still will show up on the minimap when firing.
Suppressor-This is very useful if you are the more stealthy type player. You will always be hidden on the minimap when firing and you can take down enemys before they knew what hit them without knowing were your at unless spotted by the enemy. This attachment greatly reduces recoil but, on the downside bullets travel slower and you will notice a great change in bullet drop. You will not need to use foregrip.
Bipod With LMGS I always reccommend the bipod. When bipod is deployed you can take on multiple targets at once no problem with no recoil. You will not that when heavily suppressed there will be alot of recoil. When this happened, let off of the aim button and get back on it again. Times you will get hit and your bipod will undeploy. When this happens stay down or move because, if you try and redeploy it they will take you down 90% of the time. Overall bipod give you a great accuracy bonus with no recoil giving you the advantage over any time of engagement from short to long range.
Underslung My main gun is the m16a3. I always use underslung because, obviously is quicker when switching to grenade launcher and smoke.

I hope you may have learned something, if you have any tips to help improve our game let us know about it!

Forum » Discussion Forum » Gaming
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