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18th Jul 2012

Here I will post how being allies with another plattoon works, When allied with another platoon, if one needs additional players for an event than additional players from the allied platoon can join to fill spots. For example, if we need 2 additional players for an event then 2 players from DERP will fill those two spots. If DERP were to need additional players we will fill those spots. Also if you are available and are asked by one of the leaders to fill a spot for the DERP you are reqiured to do so. We will be in close touch with DERP so when they have scheduled matches we will post so that everyone will know to be on standby if needed. As of now we are only allied with the Herpin the Derp, so you are NOT allowed to attend any events outside of DERP and EoE. I think I went over everything but, as always if you have any questions feel free to post it.
Forum » Discussion Forum » Gaming
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